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It's a Lirry Thing...

(just putting it out there that I hate the name Lirry, but it is what it is.)

So this is probably going to be a post for like maybe 10 ppl, but I'm happy to represent for those 10 of us who appreciate a good and fun ship like Lirry.

Quick backstory on my Lirry love. I started my 1D love like a lot of us did, through the motherships weekly live stream post back in 2010. I loved them the moment I heard Torn because how could you not? From the jump, it was all about Liam for me. I love a good steady voice and the kid can sang and he's cute? SOLD. Not long after, Harry jumped on my radar and it was that simple. I shipped it.

Such babies...

Just look at them...

Now Lirry isn't the easiest to ship when they have some many other bromances happening, but when Lirry happens, it gets you in all the feels because they are everything..Dumb/Cute/Funny/Annoying/Talented/Irreistable. They definitely fulfill the "brother I always wanted" role in each other's lives. And they live to drive each other (and me) crazy. So sit back and enjoy this post of all things Lirry.


Even though dancing should never be their thing, it seems to be THEIR thing. It brings me so much life because they have no shame with their awkward dancing. They just do it. Together. Alot.

Liam wasn't ready. That's Harry trying to get him ready.

Still not ready...

Once again, Harry's the warmup. This time Liam's just about to jump in and possibly breakdance..

Or the macarena

Or whatever this arm thing is...

And this Irish jig in honor of their favorite Irishman

Hip hop 101. Pop it. Twerk it.

Or in this incredible dance off. Running man and splits? FTW.

But they don't just dance together. Nope. They do loads more.

There's no logical reason as to why they like to hit each other, but they do. I'm not here to judge, just to spread some truths.


Again why?

It's almost always Liam getting hit, but he seems to like it/not care. Again, no judgment..

Liam: "To be honest, I get hit quite a lot. Sometimes Harry will just slap me round the face, and I don’t tend to hit back." (taken from here:)



But hitting also lends itself to teasing? And there's nothing better than Liam and Harry fucking with each other. They love to troll. I love to watch. It works!


"yeah bro!"

Just why, Harry?

Gross but does he care? Nope.

Zayn to the rescue ;)

Dirty Dirty boys...

Too cute.

One of my all time favorite gif sets and I'm still trying to find the original video :/

Originally, one of the best things about Lirry was the awesome hair they both had/have. Bring on the curly hair phase..


They clearly gave each other advice on the curls.

But then the curls went away (via Liam, ofc). And to compensate, Liam decided to obsess over Harry's hair. Welcome to Liam's salon:

I love how Harry just let's him...

And then there's the touching thing. This group in general is one touchy feely group, and Harry and Liam have their fair share of moments.

There's the ever popular and infamous crotch grab:

Can he breathe?


Besos por favor.

poke poke poke

Just making sure it's still there...

Don't mess up the goods.

But this all inevitably leads to affection....

So possessive, Harry!

I will never. ever. get over this gifset. Harry is Liam's kitten.

Genuine love here, guys.

Let me give the gifs a break here and move on to some of my favorite TWEETS and Conversations.


Lirry tweets are just like their real life counterparts. TROLL WORTHY. When they happen, it's usually one for the books and many nicknames and fandom lore(?) have been spawned from a Lirry tweet or 2.

Now you may think, haha. Cute. Funny. Whatever. But then Harry went and got himself one of these:

I CAN NOT. Yes, that's a Tarzan bracelet.

You would know.


I approve, Harry.

And my fave series, even though I'm not 100% sure what they're on about:

#hugdealer #Iwouldbeanaddict

And then there are the interviews...

What are Liam’s bad habits?
Harry: [He gets excited] and his voice just keeps going up and up and…
Liam: I get excited, what can I say?

Harry: I’ve got a picture of Liam in my bunk. I like it!

Liam Payne: I admire Zayn's big... huge... quiff.
Harry Styles: Oh I thought you were going to say something else...

"Harry: I’d snog Louis. I’d marry Niall. And I’d avoid… Liam.
Nick: Ooh, that’s rough.
Harry: I think. Maybe I’d marry Liam!
Nick: What, and then avoid him?
Harry: Yeah.
Nick: You could do all three to one.
Harry: Yeah.
Nick: But then that’s like a normal marriage isn’t it?
Harry: Yes.
Nick: Like snog Liam, marry Liam, and then never speak to him again."

Harry's first time in Wolverhampton feat. squinty eyed blondish Liam

I would post the countless interviews in which they want to reference or tease each other, but I really want to look at the pretty again, so back to pics. Harry and Liam hanging out:

Doing What We Do

Imagine walking down your street and running into that? Hello.

Let's just have a date night.


IDK x 2

I just love their vibe. <33 Moving on to the last of my pictures. This will be called random because I can't figure out a way to tie them all outside of the fact that they are great and are my faves. So here we go.

I love this. It's sweet.

I love the way you lean.

Him holding onto Harry. Harry's face.

Personal moment:
This above gif is from Liam's 19th bday party at Funky Buddha. It also happened to be the weekend of epic Stymshaw dates. Harry had spent the entire weekend (according to candids) with Nick doing everything from grocery shopping to Leeds. It had leaked that Liam's bday party event would be that night, and literally the last person I thought would show up was Harry. Simply because they were in London, had other shit to do and ppl to see, and we don't really see them mingle that much outside of work.But I was never more pleased to be wrong.wrong.wrong. Harry showed up with Nick in tow and spent some time with Liam, and I think all Lirry fans just felt so much happiness that day because Lirry often gets dismissed, even to the point of people claiming "They don't like each other, they aren't close." and this was another proof of how incorrect those folks are. Harry could've easily been anywhere else. He wasn't even done on his epic date day (as he ended up leaving and ending the night with Nick and Rita Ora), but he made it a point to go. I think it speaks volumes.

And just recently (as in last week on the Chart Show interview found here.), we got confirmation that the very next day, Harry and the guys ended up at Liam's surprise party at the bowling alley. I don't know about you, but if I didn't care much for someone, I wouldn't celebrate their birthday with twice in a span of 48hrs with them. Nope. Lirry exists.

And I'll leave you all with some videos, some fic rec, and the most recent Lirry happenings (it's that current, guise).

What. Is. Air?

Harry, what is that look?

I wanna cuddle.

Everything About This Video X

Stare a little more, babe.

The Distance Between First and Second
He is happy. Really. He is happy for Louis. Happy for Harry. Happy for them. Happy for himself.Until he's not.
I challenge anyone who reads this to not fall in love with it. Hands down, one of the best writing I've seen in a long time. You definitely need tissues and a couple of hours to snuggle in and read.

Corner of Your Heart Sequel:Stolen Keys
Harry Styles meets Liam Payne one night in the rain.
I like the older Liam thing and I love Zayn and Harry breaks your heart and yeah. God, this story kept me up one night.

Glitter In the Dark
The one where Harry is in a slightly big Indie Rock band and Liam is the friend with benefits who tries to want nothing more than Harry can give. And fails badly.
She writes Lirry so freaking well, it's sick. She could probably sell any ship to be honest, but I'm glad Lirry is one of her faves.

Harry’s always found a best friend in Liam, and he’s confused, because what are they, really?
I just love the feel of this. Good stuff.

Possibility and Promise (join the comm to read!)
Featuring insecure!Liam, high school!au, Great Expectations and misunderstandings
I love AU's. This a great Lirry one. <333

Cupid Got Me In a Chokehold
Another great one!
It's not as if he needs the extra friends. Not really. Definitely not curly haired, pretty eyed, nice lads anyhow. Nope. Not at all. (except he does).

Lirry Archive
For more of your Lirry reading needs.

This is coming to an end, but I want to leave you all with a reminder as to why I adored them from the jump. Their voices. And I wasn't the only one, as Louis (my love), found that he too was captivated:
There was a massive hype about Cher even then, and even though I didn’t speak to them much I remembered Harry and Liam well, because I saw them and thought, ‘You are definitely getting through.’

Unrehearsed and still damn talented. (Zayn would've been brill here, but that's another time, another place.)

Sincerely hoped you all enjoyed this. If you didn't get a little more love for Lirry, I hope it at least brought you some entertainment. You can find me on my twittah @thishawtmess and/or @mcherybomb (a more universal twitter) probably hiding from this post or stanning my ass off. Either way..

Le Sigh. Good night.

(A lot of thanks to my tumblr feed and LJ. Especially these tumblrs: fuckyeahliamandharry, needsmoresarcasm, fannyann, acciolirry, solirry and badjujuboo, my roommates (who will prob. never see this) and Ms. Sydney! )


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