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jc & me
You've found Maika's journal. Its Friends' Only. Comment to be added.

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AAHHHHH!!!! IT'S YOU AND JC!!!!!!!!!!! heheheh. okay yes add me now :-*

comments cause yeah I wanna be added

i don't know if i'm added. but i added you before!

UPDATE! ROAR!!! >:O Jess demands it!


oh i so want to be added! i just read your JuC fic and thought it was amazing! may i be added! pretty please with cherries and whipped cream on top of JC! LOL

Commenting to be added:) I just read Reflection--amazing!

Hi Maika, it's Erin. Add me? :)

Maika! Hayden wants to be added! I'm adding you!

Hi Maika, it's Joseph (Joe2). Ben McKenzie/James Marsters/50 Cent-shaped. Add me please?

so i'm taking the chance you get this. i mailed you a christmas card and it came back to me which must mean you done graduated college and moved on up to the big times, that or moved back to miami. either way, i just finished school and graduate next month which means i have my life back. we should get in touch and reminisce. i miss you and i miss us. and i know i'm the one who ruined the friendship we had and for that i am sorry. hope to hear from you and i hope you're doing well.

Hey MC!
Found you through hp_add_me and thought I should drop you a friend request since we're close in age and we share love for similar things ( Ron/Hermoine? True Blood? Christina? Boy bands? Yes plz) ^^
Looking forward to seeing you around LJ and getting to know you!

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